Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Stills - Nature awaiting rebirth...

Well with school and work and everything else that comes from life, I haven't had time to break out the old school camera. So I had to take these with my digital Kodak EasyShare C875. Its 8.0 mega pixels with a 37 - 185mm optical zoom. It doesn't do too bad, but I like my pictures from when I used my SLR. So I will have to start using film again, until I can afford to buy a digital SLR. That would be nice. Anyway these are my pictures for this week. All around me I can see nature in that waiting stage of life. The cold is set in and the flowers are just quivering with the need to be reborn. The trees are reaching towards a small break in the clouds, trying to suck some color back into themselves.


  1. You did great with this challenge! Great pics!

  2. Really lovely photos! Glad you joined us...look forward to seeing more from you! Enjoy your week~~

  3. Very nice pics...weclome to Sunday Stills...Ed