Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday Stills - Motion

I did post this picture earlier in my blog, but not for the Sunday Stills. Its Daniel throwing a snowball at me.
This was taken a while back at my Dad's, Shadow catching his Frisbee.

John in Florida acting crazy!

This one was taken on Christmas weekend down at my Dad's house, using my Grandma's camera. I love how the camera caught Lucy's tongue licking at Grandma's face.
Here's the blurb for this weeks challenge:
"No more slacking, time for a real challenge…MOTION. This can be anything that conveys motion. I did a post here awhile back on shooting action, this may help if you need any. From what I have seen on your blogs you should’nt have too much trouble with this one."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Stills - Architecture

This is nature's own Architecture, this is off the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. My sister and I dubbed this the Mermaid's Chair. This is my favorite picture.
This is turrets off of Blarney Castle in Ireland.

Riding a double-decker bus in Dublin Ireland we kept passing all of these buildings and they all had flowers in the windows. It was very beautiful.

Ballyseede Castle in Ireland. We meet two of the most comical dogs here. They also said that this castle was haunted, but after much looking I never found her!

Most of the houses in Ireland are like this with the thatch roofs.

I had to throw this one in! It is from Disney World Florida.

Well this weeks challenge was architecture and I knew right away that I would look at the photos from our trip to Ireland last year! I also had to do Mickey's hat from Disney World.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunday Stills - Moon...

Here's our task this week:
"I figure ya’ll needed a tough challenge for next week and since there is a full moon or mostly full the next few days this could be the biggest challenge to date. Now don’t despair, you don’t have to have a crystal clear moon to be interesting. I have found out the last few weeks we have some very creative folks who participate here and I can’t wait to see the results next week.
Good luck and happy shooting….Ed
Hint: The best times to take the pic is at moonrise or moonset, this is when the moon is at its closest to the earth and not so washed out by the sun during its highest zenith.
I put up some examples of moon pics I shot, two were with my trusty point and shoot.."
Well I have to say that my point and shoot Kodak Easy Share is not very good at taking moon pictures. I tried my best and here are the ones that I like the best. Maybe one day I will actually go out and buy a battery for my 35mm SLR camera. :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Stills - Reflections...

Here is the trees on the side of a melting river reflecting on the ice.
The sign reflecting in the street from a closed down Bar.

Bicycle sign reflecting.

And of course the tree's shadow reflecting off the snow!
Here's the blurb for this weeks task!

"Once again I’m drawing ideas from the posters, I like the input. So this weeks subject is reflections, it should be interesting to say the least. Good turnout this week and got all kinds of angle pics, good job everyone and see ya next week….Ed"
Well with everything being covered in ice, snow, and salt dredge its been one hard task to complete, but I did it!!! So here our my week's reflections!